Security and Business Continuity


Our information is connected to an increasingly hostile global network. Does your environment contain a proper set of risk controls when reviewed in relation to the size, type and sensitivity of your data? Are cloud solutions as security sensitive as they are often percepted?

There’s a virtually endless amount of security questions to be answered. We offer insight into your security risks and help determine improvement opportunities, both technical and process related.

From backup to business continuity

Organizations often think risks are under control when backups are in place, until they actually have a major incident and lack a secondary location, disaster recovery capacity or restore performance to get their solutions back in the air.

We can help define and bundle risks and risk controls into an actual disaster recovery plan (DRP) + business continuity plan (BCP).

Our offer

We have 3 types of engagements:

  • Time & means: in close cooperation with your business owners, product owners and technical staff, we work on a continuous improvement cycle and help you define your track as we go. This is not the preferred way to work but when there aren’t any clear project scopes yet, it is often the initial starting point.
  • Project based: fixed scope projects help to keep focus on a certain aspect and alternatively avoid runaway financial budgets.
  • Quick assessment packages: with fixed scope, fixed budget “quick assessment packages” we want to solve the financial unpredictability commonly introduced with initiatives that lack a clear project scope. Projects based on time & means are often very agile but also very unpredictable. Our quick assessment packages can help you get a better view on a particular issue or question, determine a project scope, identify risks, etc.

Some of the quick assessment packages we can offer:

  • business continuity evaluation (risk evaluation)
  • disaster recovery evaluation
  • datacenter infrastructure evaluation
  • datacenter & cloud strategy evaluation
  • internal process evaluation
  • supplier review or supplier management evaluation