Iternia was founded in 2016 as a sidetrack after more than 10 years (and ongoing) designing, building and operating cloud solutions for customers using any combination of on prem resources, private cloud and public cloud. Managing these hybrid solutions from start (floorspace) to finish (up to the end user experience) gave us a unique skill set that we wanted to give back, and bring closer to, the costumer.

The combination of C-level experience, operational knowledge and technical skills make us unique in the market and the best fit for any IT change or improvement initiative with a strong focus on IT infrastructure services. We bridge the gap between your business needs and obtaining the matching IT service delivery.

Our vision as defined in our name:
IT (abbreviation): information technology
ITER (latin): journey
AETERNUS (latin): lasting, perpetual
We want to embark with you on an IT journey that lasts. As a trusted advisor we don’t stop after the initial project is delivered but build a lasting relationship that iteratively keeps improving your IT landscape.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and to see how we can assist in solving your challenges.